Shereen Sun

Shereen Choudhury is an artist, educator, herbalist, and activist who thrives when creating safe spaces for people to express themselves. She is the co-founder of Green Seed Arts, a non-profit that facilitates ecologically-focused community mural projects and free art events. She also runs the blog which is a creativity and wellness hub for womyn of all ages. She loves to inspire children and adult inner-children to express themselves and feel empowered to share their ideas and visions for the world.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Communication, Listening & Expression as Spiritual Practice

    What would it be like if our words truly reflected what we feel inside? What if we had a practice that allowed our words to come from a place of love instead of fear? In this workshop we will explore the ways that mindful speaking and listening illuminates the emotions beneath our words. Through seated and moving meditation, journaling and sharing, we will establish a foundation for authentic self-expression and listening to make space for our communication to emanate from our true nature. These exercises will allow us to feel in the body what it is like to be authentically expressing ourselves and listening in a way that supports connection and harmony. Mindful communication practices can become a powerful tool for liberating us from our unconscious ego-driven patterns. As a practice, we learn to release the expectation perfection and call the qualities of forgiveness, equanimity and love into our communication.

    90 min | Goddess Grove

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