Stevan Morris

Stevan was born in San Diego, CA, where he developed a passion for music at a young age. He had a knack for learning new instruments, picking up piano, trombone, bassoon, drums, bass, marimba, and more. He had many early musical opportunities while attending Mount Carmel High School, including marching in the Rose Parade, and performing at the National Concert Band Festival.

In 2008 after graduating, he went to the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music in Long Beach, CA, studying percussion performance. While in college, Stevan deepened his love for melodic percussion, specializing in marimba and steel pan. It was here that he first heard of and met the local steel pan builder, Dave Beery, owner of Dave’s Island Instruments, and his future boss and mentor.

In 2013, Stevan began working for Dave, and it was here he was first introduced to the handpan. Dave had just started producing his own line of handpans, and Stevan was instantly hooked! In no time, he was completely engrossed in all things handpan. He spent the next 2 years learning to build and tune handpans from Dave, while also traveling throughout the US and Europe performing extensively.

In the summer of 2015, Stevan started his own handpan building project, known as Hamsa Handpans. His shop is located in downtown Los Angeles, CA. He has an unending passion towards these instruments, and has dedicated his life to furthering the art form as both an up and coming performer and builder of handpans.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Sound Bath and Music Meditation

    Utilizing an array of sound healing instruments, musician Stevan Morris will set the space for an intimate 45 minute meditation session. Allow the soothing sounds of singing steel take you on a journey unlike anything before. The handpan is an instrument invented for healing and meditation, allowing the player and listener to transcend time and space. An amazing ambient soundscape is produced when incorporating Tibetan singing bowls, flutes, percussion, handpans, crystal bowls, and more. This meditation will leave your soul resonating, your heart smiling, and your mind at ease. Come relax, let go, and journey deeper within.

    45 min | Healers’ Sanctuary
  • Handpan Jam playshop

    Come and join in a handpan jam! Led by Stevan Morris of Hamsa Handpans, this workshop will allow you the chance to play these amazing instruments! The handpan is one of the easiest and most intuitive instruments to play. Designed with only a handful of notes that all resonate well together, there are essentially no wrong notes! This class is for everyone, young and old, with no musical experience all the way up to the professional drummer. We will also entertain questions regarding the history of the instrument as well as it's construction. Come and learn about one of the newest instruments in the world and how it is changing our perspectives of music and it's role in our lives!

    90 min | Family Garden


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