Loved internationally for her infectious capacity to initiate joy-fueled transformation, Samantha Sweetwater is a priestess, educator, dance artist, writer and permaculturalist. As the founder of a global movement of Dancing Freedomâ„¢ spanning six continents and touching thousands of lives, she has trained over 200 leaders to facilitate dance medicine in local communities globally. As a lifelong student of consciousness, embodiment and the implicate intelligence of nature, she carries a Masters in Wisdom Spirituality with a specialization in Eco-shamanic Trauma Mentoring. She is passionate about supporting people to awaken who they truly are, to reweave intimate connection with the soul of place and the nature of soul, and to walk with grace and conviction in their power to change the world through purposeful action. She helps people to be and create what they know to be True. She invites a profound return to the body, to planet earth and to the Mystery as safe and sacred places to live, love and co-create. She lives in the Rogue River Valley, otherwise known as Ashland, Oregon, where she is working on building land based community, and will be launching the Evolutionary Priestess Training soon.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Dancing Freedom

    Come join me in the ancient|future practice of conscious dance. Uncover the wild intelligence of your cellular self, the untamed ecstasy at the center of your embodiment, the tender union of soul and spirit. Enjoy being fully resident, at home and free in who and what you really are. What's your prayer today? Who are you becoming now? How will the still, small voice within guide you in this new moment? The dance give us a gateway to listen. Our Elemental Movement Wave and Circle of Intent creates a potent space to align your body, heart and mind with the love you are here to be and create. Come join me in this beautiful prayer. Discover a new taste of freedom in the dance.

    75 min | Warriors Way
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