Tim Griffin

Tim Griffin is an award-winning teacher, singer/songwriter, and storyteller with a passion for making learning fun. After retiring from LAUSD, he now runs a small educational nonprofit called GriffinEd (www.GriffinEd.org) dedicated to raising achievement in science, math, history, and other subjects for grades K-8 through fun educational music. Think “Schoolhouse Rock” and you’re getting warm. A study in 2012 showed significant academic gains for kids working with Tim’s music for five minutes a day, but don’t tell the kids that: you’ll spoil their fun. Because GriffinEd is funded mainly by grants and donations, all of of Tim’s music (live shows, songwriting workshops, his online library of fun teaching songs, etc.) is offered to schools and other places of learning regardless of ability to pay.

As a dad, Tim tries hard to make his music listenable for grownups so you won’t want to crash the minivan just to make the music stop. His work has been featured by the California Science Teachers’ Association, the National Science Teachers’ Association, Mensa, the World Science Fiction Convention, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science; he is an artist in residence serving the Theodore Payne Foundation for California native horticulture and the L.A’s BEST foundation for kids in Title-1 schools. Tim has published four albums of fun, mostly educational music, with a fifth coming in summer of 2016; it’s all streaming free at www.GriffinEd.org. It’s fun, it’s free, and it really works.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Music & Stories

    Come laugh and learn with family-friendly songs and stories about astronomy, the first nations of California, and that spider you found in your shoe this morning! Join Tim Griffin for fun, friendly songs and stories about science, math, California history. All of Tim’s music streams free on his website at www.GriffinEd.org

    45 min | Family Garden
  • Songwriting Workshop For Lucid Beginners

    Ever wanted to write your own song? Join in for a no-stress, step-by step workshop on turning those voices in your head into a song you can share. No musical ability required. Seriously, it's not as hard as you think!

    90 min | Family Garden


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