Van Of My Dreams

If you’re into campfires, rainbow party lights, hula hoops, dancin’ hippies and defining your own success, these two have you covered. They are free spirits flowing through life by saying “yes” to new experiences. Hawk and Kenz had both adjusted to a simpler lifestyle before they moved into a van. He was living in a tent in the middle of suburbia, and she grew up sailing, finding comfort in small quarters. They easily fell in love and moved into their van in the Summer of 2013. Both dreamed of a simple life where they could travel and experience new adventures in their rolling home.

Hawk is a Bird-of-all-trades, with a knack for finding odd jobs, work trades and things to sell. He also writes music and plays small gigs wherever people are keen on upbeat, folksy songs. Kenz is an artist and creator who can confidently craft almost anything from woven wall hanging to water color paintings. They both quit their jobs to see if they could actually take van life head-on and support their lifestyle. They found that they only work when they need to by finding odd jobs and staying in the cosmic flow. Together, they have created a vagabond lifestyle on the road in their camper van, Betsy Vanessa – a 1980 Volkswagon Vanagon Westfalia. Known by the moniker Van Of My Dreams, these two travel around sharing what they’ve learned from their full-time van life to other modern nomads seeking freedom from the typical.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Home Is Where You Drive It!

    In this nomads workshop, Hawk and McKenzie will take you on a journey into Vanlife and what it means to live full-time on the road! They will discuss the most obvious topics, like choosing a freedom-vessel, finding work, and staying clean and healthy. Additionally, they will cover the lesser-known aspects of year-round travel such as: preparing to go mobile, staying connected digitally, maintaining off-grid systems, where to camp, budgeting and preparing fresh, healthy meals are just a few of the many topics will be explored. After delving into the pros, cons and challenges of this lifestyle, participants will then have the opportunity to explore their personal van-life setup, as they show you actual living examples of what keeps them successful on the road. Join in on this open dialogue to find out if life on the road is for you!

    60 min | Lucid University


Festival Locations:

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