Sabrina Vedete is a sacred activist, storyteller, musician and founder of high-vibe, transformational Yoga Soul Medicine experiences. She is inspired by nature, children and mystery. Sabrina Vedete has backpacked our planet, connecting with our land and peoples through both words and movement. Her truth lies in empowering youth through Spirit, and shares her light as the Exec Producer of the Natural Leaders Foundation and as a workshop Host for Kiss The Ground. COME PLAY <3 JAH GUIDE

Workshops & Presentations

  • DNA Seed Activation

    Join our sacred circle as we activate seeds with our own saliva and plant them into biodegradable containers to take home with us! We will learn how imprinting the seeds with our own DNA will have these plants grow to be special medicine just for us.

    45 min | Family Garden
  • Discover My Animal Spirit Totem

    Have you been visited by a spirit animal in a dream or in real life? Have you always been drawn to a certain creature, bird or plant? We will go on a guided journey to discover our power animals and learn how they connect to our inner wisdom and find out the message they are offering us.

    45 min | Family Garden
  • Connect with Earth's Super Powers

    How do we activate the super powers of our planet? We call upon the elements... Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit... To guide us! Together we adventure around the Family Garden to gather natural elements that resonate with us, bring them back to our sacred circle, and then activate their powers through movement!

    45 min | Family Garden

Festival Locations:

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