Young Ike & Ev

Young Ike has been performing with his family “Off Grid Fam” for most of his life. Just 13 years of age and he’s busy tearin up the dance scene with his freestyle skills. At one time you could find Young Ike on the mic, alongside his parents, but more recently he can be found behind the DJ booth.

Ev is an experienced performer with a unique style at only 16 years old. He’s graced many stages since he was 4 years old. A second generation b-boy native to SB, Ev loves music and has found a new passion in DJing.

Workshops & Presentations

  • What's Up? with Young Ike and Ev

    See what's up with Young Ike and Ev as they tell you their thoughts on being young performers. Then dance to their set and watch as they take turns sharing their favorite arts: DJing and B-boying.

    60 min | Family Garden
  • Breakdancing Basics

    Bust a move with Young Ike, Ev, Roflo and Lyricist Ize. Dance. Vibe. Learn. Share.

    60 min | Family Garden
  • Sunday Nap Session

    Bring your blankey and pillow. Chill on a Sunday afternoon in the Family Garden, and rest your head during nap time, while Young Ike and Cyan Peaks take you to dreamland. Their set will soothe the mind, body and soul. Recharge in a cuddle puddle on the last day of Lucidity.

    60 min | Family Garden

Festival Locations:

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